Tack Mounts

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“Nail” Cable Tie Mounts to Metal

Now you can quickly and permanently fasten cable tie mounts to metal without drilling or any other surface preparation. Just place the Tack-Mount on the tip of an Amtak air tool, position and impact the preinserted Metal-Tack directly into steel, aluminum or cast iron.

The Tack-Mounts are manufactured from a special impact resistant plastic with preinserted hardened steel Metal-Tacks. No more drilling holes for rivets or screws and no more cleaning to prep for adhesives. The Tack-Mounts will be permanently secured to the metal surface but still able to rotate for final alignment. 

The Metal-Tack portion of the Tack Mount is manufactured from carbon steel and is zinc plated to our standard Metal-Tack specifications. The plastic portion is manufactured from impact modified, heat stabilized Nylon 6/6.

Ordering Information
Tack-Mounts are sold in packages of 100 pieces (Part # 20427). Install Tack-Mounts with Universal driver (Part # 226).

Position Tack Mount on the Air tool

Fasten in one operation. No drilling or surface preparation.


Tack-Mounts are used for fastening wire tie cable clips to steel, stainless steel, aluminum or cast iron. This new addition in the field of cable management allows machinery builders to mount wire quickly and easily. Tack Mounts use a Metal Tack as a mounting anchor for a traditional cable tie mount. Machinery wire management has never been easier. Just put the Tack Mount where you want a wire management clip and fasten. This wire clamp will be permanently attached, unlike many adhesive wire clips.

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