The Gripnail PowerPinner meets the demand for consistency

Published 11/01/2015

The Gripnail PowerPinner™ meets the demand for consistency, reliability and speed.

The High Speed PowerPinner from Gripnaill is a tested, trusted partner in the fabrication line at Phoenix Metals, Baltimore, Maryland, a full service HVAC duct manufacturer. They did the research, they ran the numbers, and it all added up to the PowerPinner 50, so they bought one.

One reason is the PowerPinner keeps coil lines running at 50 feet per minute. That helps Phoenix Metals meet what seem like ever-tightening turnaround times. The reliable PowerPinner is also worthy of their trust:  “It’s given us a consistent product that our customers have come to expect from us,” says Mark Phelps, Managing Partner at Phoenix Metals, “Those products are right every time they go out the door.”

In the video below, watch as Mark explains why they chose the Gripnail PowerPinner.  See for yourself how this rugged machine with its simple design and advanced controlling system can help you meet tight turnaround times while maintaining the kind of consistency your customers want.


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