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Spindle Anchors

Perforated Base


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Install Insulation Easily Anywhere

spindle anchors perforated base smallGripnail's Spindle Anchors easily install any type of insulation up to 3.5" thick. Spindle Anchors are perfect for installing fiberglass insulation, rubber insulation blankets or polystyrene boards. Spindle Anchors can attach to air ducts, metal buildings, concrete foundations - even to the underside of wooden roofs. Spindle Anchors are perforated to allow adhesive to lock the fastener in place. 

Features Include:

Perforated Holes

The Spindle Anchor comes equipped with perforated hoels that allow liquid adhesive to create mushrooms on the otp o fhte fastener. This displaced adhesives helps grip the spindle anchor and lock it in place. 

Diamond Point

The diamond point on a Spindle Anchor is the sharpest in the industry and cleanly pierces the toughest duct liner.

Reinforced Design

The improved design of the base of the Spindle Anchor has a reinforcement design that strengthens the fastener.

Perforated Base Spindle Anchors (Washers NOT Included)

  • Fasteners and self locking washers* are manufactured from low carbon galvanized steel.
  • All spindles are 12 gauge. Other spindle lengths, gauges and materials are available upon request.
  • All fasteners are packaged 500 pieces in a sturdy cardboard carton.

Application Instructions

  1. The Spindle Anchor will only stick to a clean, dry, smooth surface. Remove any oil, rust, lose paint, etc. before applying the fastener. Cleaning the surface is recommended.
  2. Apply sufficient adhesive* to the base of the fastener.
  3. Firmly press the fastener against the cleaning surface and slightly twist the fastener to force the adhesive through the base plate holes.
  4. Impale the insulation over the point of the fastener.
  5. Secure the insulation with the self locking washer*.
  6. Bend or remove excess spindle.

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* items not included

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