Industrial Name Plate Fasteners



metaltack name plate fastener


Fasten Light Weight Parts To Metal

No Drilling | No Surface Prep

MetalTack fasteners were specifically developed to fasten light weight parts such as nameplates and wiring clips to heavier metal products such as pumps, valves and machinery. They fasten quickly and permanently with no drilling or surface preparation. Permanently embedded fasteners hold up to 250 pounds. MetalTack are perfect for fastening nameplates, barcode tags, wiring clips or any other light weight attachment - in less time than it takes to drill a hole.

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punchpin name plate fasteners


Fasten Light Loads To Thin Metals

No Drilling | No Surface Prep

Now you can fasten light loads to thin metals, such as sheet metal, in less time than it takes to drill a hole. This simple, quick fastener is perfect for attaching nameplates, wiring clips and small components to metal doors, electrical cabinets, steel tubing, etc.

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drivetack drive screw


A Better Drive Screw

Quickly and easily attach data plates and name plates in a single controlled motion. DriveTack have a tapered point aht easily finds the hole in the base material and a flat head so that they can be held with a magnetic driver.

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