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Impact Driven Duct Liner Fasteners

Gripnail is a proven mechanical fastener used to attach insulation to the inside of sheet metal duct work. The hardened tapered teeth pierce the duct liner and form a positive attachment to the sheet metal. Each fastener is precisely formed to exacting quality control standards adn they may be applied with a variety of tools or equipment. Gripnails only work when the sheet metal is supported by a hardened steel plate or the anvil of a Gripnailer.

What Is a Gripnail?

A Gripnail is a unique mechanical fastener used to attach insulation to sheet metal. It was specifically designed to fasten acoustical duct liner to the inside of heating, ventilation and air conditioning duct work. This operation generally takes place when the duct work is being manufactured.

Industry Standards

Gripnails meet or exceed the latest SMACNA (Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors National Association) standards, published in their 2005 HVAC DUCT CONSTRUCTION STANDARDS - METAL AND FLEXIBLE, for low and high velocity ductwork. They are used by leading air-conditioning, sheet metal and mechanical contractors for ductwork in commercial, residential and industrial buildings.

Product Features

Impact Fasteners - Bites into, but does not puncture sheet metal.

Cycle Time - Gripnail and sheet metal bonding is instantaneous.

Hardness - Point, shank and head are heat treated in a controlled atmosphere to a hardness of Rockwell C-50.

Corrosion Resistance - Gripnails are plated with zinc and receive a final chromate dip.

Technical Data

Retaining Cap - The beveled edge retaining cap is designed to depress the surface of the insulation without tearing or cutting into it. The nail does not protrude form the cap, eliminating air stream noise or interfering with air displacement in the duct. 

Temperature Range - Gripnails function properly over normally accepted operating range of temperatures of 320F to 2500F and are not adversely affected at temperatures of 00F to 5500F.

Vibrations - Gripnails will not fatigue or be physically affected by vibrations normally found in high velocity air handling systems.

Environmentally Safe - When used as intended, Gripnails are non-toxic and safe as defined by current Federal Standards.

Use standard personal protective equipment when applying fasteners at all times.

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