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Drive Screw


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Better than a standard Drive Screw

drivetack drive screw smallFaster to install than standard Drive Screws:

  1. Tapered Points work like a drift pin and helps align the name plate and base metal holes.
  2. Flat Heads stabilize the fasteners on magnetic drive tips. Allows fasteners to be applied with a Hand Driver or Gripnail 211 Air Tool.
  3. Spiral Grooves create a secure fastening when the DriveTack's helically knurled shank cuts into the base material. The name plate is held with permanent mechanical fastening. 

drivetack drive screw how it works

How the DriveTack Works

drivetack drive screw air toolPlace the DriveTack on the magnetic tip of the Hand Drive or the Gripnail 211 low impact pneumatic tool which securely holds the fastener during application.

Align the nameplate and base material holes with the tapered position point which works like a drift pin.

A secure fastening is created when the DriveTack's helically knurled shank is impacted and cuts into the base material, creating its own threads.

Application Equipment

A DriveTack may be applied three different ways:

  1. A Hand Driver speeds attaching name plates and small parts - Gripnail Part# 20512
  2. A DriveTack is most often applied with a light weight low impact air tool - Gripnail Part# 211
  3. A custom Press is available for high production, dedicated automated assembly operations. 

drivetack drive screw singulator

DriveTack Singulator

The Singulator is an optional accessory for quick and easy installation of DriveTacks by individualizing them for quick loading onto the magnetic tip of a Hand Driver. (Featured Picture - Right)

Qualifying Your DriveTack Application


Typical attachments include name plates, covers, and small assemblies.

Base Material

A DriveTack will fasten into most solid material with the proper size hole. They are best suited for cast iron, steel, aluminum and hard plastic.

DriveTack Material & Plating

A standard DriveTack is manufactured from carbon steel adn are bright zinc plated. It will pass a minimum of 120 hour salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B117.

Specialty Fastener Options

If the exact fastener for your application does not appear, call us to see if we might be able to make it for you. Many custom sized DriveTack fasteners have been produced with a variety of sizes, shank diameters and point lengths for specific applications. Special plating is available to meet particular corrosion or cosmetic requirements.

Ordering Information

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