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Fast and Permanent Fastening to Sheet Metal

punchpins smallPunchPins fasten light loads to sheet metal in less time than it takes to drill a hole or prep for adhesives. Each PunchPin has a sharp steel point that pierces the sheet metal and specially designed annular grooves that capture the base metal and securely lock the PunchPin in place. This one step permanent fastening is perfect for attaching small component like name plates to metal doors, electrical cabinets or steel tubing. PunchPin can drive right through oil, great, dirty and most paint - no surface prep needed!

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Why PunchPin

A PunchPin eliminates costly problems associated with other fastening methods. Adhesives are messy and may be less than permanent. Drilling holes may cause damage by drilling too deep, and metal drill chips are difficult to completely clean up which might damage expensive components. Fasteners that require pre-drilled holes also require perfect alignment.

PunchPins require no drilling or surface preparations. 

Simple Application

Position the PunchPin onto the tip of a #211 Gripnail Air Tool. Depress the tool against the base metal and pull the trigger. The PunchPin is driven in a single impact. The fastening is instantaneous and permanent.

No Surface Preparation

Specially shaped, annular grooves bite into the softer base metal and forma  permanent attachment which holds up to 250 lbs. The PunchPin requires no cleaning nor drilling. The hardened steel fastener drives through dirt, oil, grease and most paints.

No Alignment Problems

A PunchPin makes its own hole in the base metal so there is never a problem alignment attachment holes with base metal holes.

Qualifying Your PunchPin Application

PunchPin selection is based upon the part that is going to be fastened (attachment) and the material that is going to be fastened to (base metal).


Typically attachments consist of name plates and small components. The attachment should be less than 0.040" thick. Unless the attachment is very thing (foil, paper, etc.) it will need to have a hole in it. Hole sizes may range from 0.078" to 0.125". Larger holes provide an easier target for the operator.

Base Metal

A PunchPin will fasten to sheet metal from 14 gauge (0.075") to 24 gauge (0.024"). It will also fasten to many soft metals such as aluminum, that is thicker than 0.075". Metal harder than HRB65 may require a Gripnail MetalTack® fastener.

PunchPin Material and Plating

A standard PunchPin is manufactured from carbon steel and are bright zinc plated. It will pass a minimum 120 hour salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B117.

Special Fasteners

If the exact fastener for your application does not appear, call us to see if we might be able to make it for you. Many custom sized PunchPin fasteners have been produced with a variety of grip lengths, shank diameters and point lengths for special applications. Special plating is available to meet particular corrosion or cosmetic requirements. 

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