Gripnail's Dual Head Fastening Center will double production and cut labor costs in half!

The Multi-Head Automatic Fastening Center represents Gripnail Corporation's final link in totally automated production of lined ductwork.

Designed specifically to tie in with Engel Industries "Lin-O-Matic" or Iowa Precision "Insulmatic" system. This machine makes possible the lining of any size duct that can be run through the coil line. Fasteners are driven 4, 5 or 6 at a time while the metal is moving at up to 50 feet per minute.

Because the equipment fastens at coil line speed, it saves floor space by eliminating the lengthy transfer tables needed to add "gap time" with other systems which do not fasten on the fly.

Fastening capacity runs from 26 gauge metal through the heaviest gauge the line can presently accommodate. Fastener driving heads are air-operated and only a minimum adjustment is necessary for proper driving force on the different gauges of metal. The air powered driving of Gripnail fasteners does away with the problems associated with welding.

Each driving head is capable of pinning up to 100 fasteners per minute and meets SMACNA standards for both high and low velocity ductwork.

An important feature of the Gripnail Multi-Head Fastening Center is its ability to fasten any size duct that can be insulated in coil line operation, including wrap-around duct.


The operator loads up to 1,000 Gripnail fasteners into the vibratory feeder bowl above each driving head. The fasteners are automatically aligned and fed down a track onto each of the magnetic driving heads. The pinning operation is performed automatically, triggered from either the Iowa Precision or the Engel electronic controller. Each driving head is hinged so it can swing as the metal passes beneath it. Either four, five or six driving heads can be operated simultaneously, or in any combination, depending upon shop requirements. The entire operation can be carried out under the supervision of a single worker.


Metal passes through 50 feet per minute with spacing as close as 4" apart.


4,5 or 6 available


  • 16 to 26 gauge
  • 12" parts and longer
  • Will run T.D.C./T.D.F.


  • Up to 2" thickness
  • Up to 3lb. density
  • Up to 72" widths

Floor Area

Compact design is only 2 feet long and same width as coil line


One year parts and labor

Power Requirements:

Air Pressure   60 - 90 P.S.I.
Air Volume   2 C.F.M. per head at maximum speed
Electrical 120 VAC/60 Hz

Machine Dimensions:

Maximum Height 64"
Shipping Weight 1400lbs.
Freight Class 85
Metal Pass Height     34" - 36"