Rebuilt Gripnail Machines

All the performance of a new machine for 2/3 the price!

A rebuilt Gripnail machine is an exceptional value. The controls have been updated, worn out parts have been replaced and the frame has been cleaned and painted. It looks brand new and is the simplest most reliable machine we have ever built. Many contractors purchase rebuilt machines for occasional duct-lining or as a backup machine for busy periods. Gripnail machines can also be used to fasten foil faced foam liners that cannot be fastened by weld pins.

New Improved Reliability

The 660R uses a PLC (Programmable Logic Control) and non-contact proximity sensors in place of pneumatic valves and mechanical actuators.

Easy To Operate

Just fill the feeder bowl with Gripnails, set the air pressure and step on the foot pedal. Drive up to 1,000 fasteners before refilling.

Standard 5 Foot Throat

Fastens large duct sections, reducing material handling.

Front Mounted Component Cabinet

Affords easy access for service needs.

Visual Load Cycle

Quickly confirms electronic functions.

Proprietary Drive Cylinders

Made from special alloys to withstand continuous pounding.

NEMA 12-Rated Electrical Cabinet

Protects electrical component to minimize machine down-time.

Lightweight Foot Pedal

Allows easy movement by operator; cord protector prevents damage.


Gripnails fasten instantly and this machine will stay ahead of the operator.

Uniform Fastening

Regulated air pressure and our own proprietary drive cylinders, consistently deliver the exact same impact, for perfect fastening every time.

Low Maintenance

Draining condensation from the air tank and filling the oil reservoir is the only routine maintenance required. The automatic oiler lubricates both cylinders and the sealed electronic components are maintenance free.


Place between work tables for efficient work flow.


Air Pressure  80 P.S.I.
Electrical 100 VAC
Working Depth 63"
Total Depth 68"
Weight (crated)    600lbs.
Volume 2 - 3 C.F.M.
Anvil Height 36"
Total Width 32"
Freight Class 85