The Freedom Swivel™

with 360 degrees of ease

The Freedom Swivel from Gripnail is the tangle-free, angle-free, fatigue free, air tool coupler with unique ball bearing construction

The Freedom Swivel improves the performance of pneumatic hand tools. Its hemispheric range of motion makes any job easier, and makes tools and users more productive.

  • Allows tools to be used at any angle with greater comfort and less wrist, elbow, shoulder and back fatigue.
  • No more fighting with air hoses.
  • Rugged, ball bearing construction and dynamic seal provide years of reliable service.

The Freedom Swivel from Gripnail. It just may be the perfect air tool coupler - take it for a spin and see for yourself.


Freedom Swivel Technical Data

Since 1966 Gripnail Corporation's ergonomically designed pneumatic hand tools and manufacturing machinery have improved their users' safety, comfort and productivity.