Bench Press

Available in 4 Levels of Automation

Precise: Every fastener will be accurately positioned and uniformly driven.
Fast: air over oil cylinders provide a quick approach stroke and minimum distance power stroke.
Automated to Your Specifications: available in 4 levels of automation from a basic hand-fed press to fully automated feed and fixturing.

Select the Best Automation Level for Your Operation

Manual: Simple Hand Fed Press - Ideal for low volume applications.

Level 1: Automated Fastener Feed - Increase assembly Rates by bowl feeding fasteners.

Level 2: Automated Moving Tool Bed - Powered, sliding tool beds accurately position the work piece.

Level 3: Automated Nameplate Feed - Automatically feeds and positions nameplates to be fastened.

Level 4: Automated Part Feed - Complete automation... Automatically feed the workpiece onto the moving tool beds.

Additional Options: Select the guarding and fixturing that works best for you.