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New Equipment Speeds up N.H. Sheet Metal Shop

Published 04/01/2009

The heart of Total Air Supply’s sheet metal shop was a 30-year-old Engel Industries coil line. The front of it, production manager Rich Hagerty said, was “as solid and fast as anything you can buy today.” But the back end was slowing the New Hampshire-based operation to 22 feet per minute. Company Vice President Sue...

Virginia Contractor Speed up with New Machines

Published 04/17/2008

A new machine wasn’t going to make ColonialWebb Contractors — already a $200 million operation — a success. But company officials said it would make them more successful.That’s what led to the Richmond, Va.-based operation’s decision to purchase a new $750,000 coil line equipped with a power-pinning system that they say makes it one of the...