Gripnail Introduces Sam

Published 01/13/2015

Gripnail Introduces Sam... Replacement Controller for Coil Line Pinners

Gripnail has developed a spacing acquisition module (SAM) to determine pin spacing for their Power Pinner 50 multihead coil line welders. The SAM is mounted on the coil line after the metal has been notched and before it is flanged. It “reads” the notches in the edge of the metal and converts this data into fire signals for the pinner.

SAM measures the distances between the notches and then calculates the number of pins required to meet the SMACNA pin spacing requirements. This information is sent directly to the PLC in the Power Pinner 50 pin welder.  When the sheet metal reaches the pinner, the calculations are complete and a simple part present switch starts the pinning sequence. A Power Pinner 50 with a SAM can be retrofitted into most coil lines and will calculate pin spacing for both high and low velocity duct.

Contractors who are running older coil lines will benefit from having a pinning system that is independent of the main controller.  Diagnostic issues between the pinner and controller are eliminated and a new Power Pinner 50 and SAM can run at 50 feet per minute so there is no need to slow down when pinning.

For more information on SAM call Dave Ashton at 800-474-7624 or by email at