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PowerPinner® 7100

Light Duty - Portable Duct Lining Hand Welder


Gripnail PowerPinner 7100 Light Duty Portable Hand Welder (Main)

Reliable Compact Hand Welder For Lining Ductwork & Fittings

powerpinner 7100 light duty portable hand welder (main)The PowerPinner 7100 Welder is a solid state resistance welder designed specifically for welding a resistance weld pin to galvanized sheet metal ductwork. It is lightweight and has extended gun leads which makes it perfect for fastening duct liner to all sizes of duct. The complete system includes the power pack with adjustable timer, lightweight gun with heavy duty weld cables, and a spring loaded copper alloy ground clamp.

Features Include:

Solid State Time & Weld Relay

Assures high quality welds each and every time.

Weld Rate

8-12 pins per minute continuously (based on pin diameter). Faster rates are possible for short durations.


Gun - 10.5 feet, #3/0 weld cable and #18/3 control cable.
Ground - 2.5 feet, #4/0 weld cable, terminating in a spring loaded, copper alloy clamp.


Peak performance at welding 1/2" - 1" weld pins to 24 gauge sheet metal. Longer pins and thicker gauge sheet metal are possible with slower rates.

PowerPoint® Weld PinsGripnail PowerPinner 7100 Light Duty Portable Hand Welder (PowerPoint weld pin)

For peak performance, it is highly recommended using Gripnail's wide range of PowerPoint weld pins. Each point is precisely formed to provide optimum weld current.

A PowerPoint Weld Pin permanently attaches insulation to galvanized steel in the fabrication of HVAC duct work and withstands a tensile pull of at least 120 pounds from sheet metal.

Additional Features

Pistol Grip Weld GunGripnail PowerPinner 7100 Light Duty Portable Hand Welder (weld gun)

The weld gun has a pistol grip style handle with a trigger for a more ergonomic working environment. Welding current is not available at the gun until the weld pin contacts the sheet metal and the trigger is pulled.

Chamfered & Recessed Weld Tip

The magnetic weld tip is specially designed with a chamfered edge and recessed center to optimize the weld quality of PowerPoint weld pins. The unique characteristics of the PowerPoint weld pin's noninvasive protruding shank captures and centers the weld pin to ensure consistent loading, while the beveled retaining cap prevents it from shifting off the weld tip when the pin is being set through the insulation. Although the PowerPinner 7100 works with a variety of weld pins, using our PowerPoint's precision manufacturing process assures a trouble free operation with the best quality weld possible.

Low MaintenanceGripnail PowerPinner 7100 Light Duty Portable Hand Welder (weld tip)

As a result of the PowerPinner 7100 solid state circuitry and design, it requires very little maintenance.

Simplified Controls

A well defined Weld Time control is provided for simple adjustment when changing weld pin sizes on different insulation jobs.

An easy to read, LED light clearly indicate the power status of the welder, while a different LED provides the welding operation status.

To activate the welder, simply pull the trigger switch on the Pistol Grip and the welder will engage.


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Gripnail PowerPinner 7100 Light Duty Portable Hand Welder (Specs)